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By the time you feel thirsty, it’s already too late…

While it can be extremely satisfying to flood your body with fluids when the feeling of thirst arises, drinking to eliminate this craving is a major sign of dehydration. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people simply wait for the sensation of thirst before they hydrate. Staying hydrated is key to living a healthy and well-balanced life. Fluids do way more than just quench our thirst. They carry nutrients and electrical charges to our cells and help to optimize and maintain every bodily Rowdy Energy Drink at the Beachfunction. Being even slightly dehydrated can cause decreases in reaction time, mood, focus, and endurance. It goes without saying that hydration is a crucial component of people’s diet and lifestyle. The only problem is that the everyday distractions of life make it extremely easy for people to overlook the importance of staying hydrated. That’s where we come. Rowdy’s enhanced hydration energy formula is designed to give you the lift you need while providing you with hydrating elements to keep you physically at your best.

Why are we worried about hydration in an energy drink? Shouldn’t that be just for sports drinks?

NO, 100% NO! At Rowdy, we realize that hydration and energy go hand in hand. Staying hydrated helps maintain energy levels and keeps you feeling balanced. Add on top of that 160mg of clean and naturally sourced caffeine energy, you get a drink that will invigorate both physically and mentally! Now more than ever, people are aware of the correlation between what they put in their body and how they feel. They want a drink with multiple benefits that will actually do something. That’s why we believe that providing hydration without compromising your health is just as important as providing clean and sustained energy.

Electrolytes? Who needs them?

We all do! Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that are essential for ourRowdy Energy out for a hike body’s normal functions. Think of electrolytes as the motor oil in your car. They don’t make the engine run, but they are crucial to keep everything working as smoothly as possible, down to the cellular level. In fact, we gain and lose electrolytes daily – gaining them through simple activities like eating and drinking and losing them through sweating and going to the bathroom. Electrolytes can aid in maintaining proper hydration. Low electrolyte levels can lead to muscle cramping, spasms, headaches, and loss of concentration. That’s why maintaining a proper balance of electrolytes in your body helps to rehydrate and boosts your energy.

When dealing with electrolytes, there are three primary minerals that serve to optimize your health and physical performance: sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Sodium is great at rehydrating the body and delaying muscle fatigue. However, the average American consumes far more sodium than the recommended daily amount because it is abundant in our diets, leading to serious health implications over time.

Why focus on Potassium?

Rowdy is taking a different approach. Unlike traditional energy and sports drinks, we recognize that the body needs proper levels of both sodium and potassium to function at its best. Like sodium, potassium is primarily obtained through the food that we eat. Unlike sodium, it is much harder to come by and we typically do not consume enough of the recommended daily amount. Let’s talk numbers for a second. Americans average 2,500mg of potassium a day when the minimum recommended amount for adults is 4,700mg. That means fewer than 2% of adults in the U.S. consume enough potassium. Now, you might think that being potassium deficient is not a big deal, but it is. A really big deal. Potassium-packed electrolytes are critical in the hydration process and are a major component for maintaining a healthy body.

That’s why we crafted Rowdy as an awesome source of potassium. Per ounce, a can of Rowdy contains nearly 12 times as much potassium as the leading traditional sports drink, yet just a fifth the amount of sodium. Rowdy ranks #1 in electrolytes compared to leading energy drink brands and #1 in electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium versus ALL sports drink brands. We’re serious about getting people more of what you need! #GetRowdy and feel the balance your body has been waiting for.

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