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What are Nootropics?

Rowdy Energy Drinks are full of good-for-you ingredients, Nootropics being one of the most interesting. 

Nootropics are ingredients that can enhance memory and cognitive function. This can translate to improvements focus, attention, and motivation, as well as problem solving, creativity and the ability to retain information. 

Though they may sound novel, Caffeine is a nootropic that many people already consume. L-Theanine is another nootropic ingredient in Rowdy.

But - how do they actually work? 

Caffeine has a stimulatory impact as an adenosine antagonist that translates to alertness - this is why your morning caffeine source gets you out of that sleepy feeling.

L-theanine has unique properties, including stimulating dopamine and serotonin and decreasing brain chemicals associated with stress. It also stimulates alpha brain waves, which are associated with “wakeful relaxation.” Therefore, for many, L-theanine promotes “calm focus.” This is also why, when combined with caffeine, it helps to eliminate the “jitters.” Several studies have also noted the combined impacts of L-Theanine and Caffeine. 

Here are some useful resources about the Nootropic Ingredients in Rowdy Energy: 


What You Need to Know About L-theanine

L-Theanine & Caffeine:


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