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Rowdy Energy is proud to deliver best-in-class, more-than-energy drinks that are crafted clean and give you an uninhibited edge!  We are here to give you everything you want in an energy drink and nothing you don’t.  What does that mean?

It’s natural caffeine, without artificial ingredients. Unparalleled taste, without the sugar. Benefits beyond energy, without the jitters or crash. Flavor unmatched. Electrolyte levels unrivaled. Ruthless focus. And well, clean AF.

If you are someone that likes to break through the ordinary and live life energized and unrestrained, we want to partner with you

We are looking for inspiring content creators who can deliver vibrant and authentic content connected to our brand that captivates target audiences and incites conversation. 

If this is YOU, please submit your application below to be considered for contest participation.  Those selected as our ‘top’ creators will win prizes AND have the opportunity to become an ongoing Rowdy Energy social content partner moving forward.   

Here’s instructions how to apply (with link at the end to entry form):

Step 1: Share (submit) your content idea(s).

    • This can be executed in written form (word doc) or via mood board (ppt) with supporting images and communication.
    • Open to different POV for content, including featuring yourself with the product, featuring others/multiple people with the product, or product only.
    • Content ideas should showcase how you (or others) use/consume Rowdy Energy in daily life to sustain the hustle and fuel passions.

We want to see how you (or others) live life loud with Rowdy Energy. 

Please feature usage within any of the following avenues: 

  • Fitness, gym-based, or athletic activities
    • Highlight Rowdy Energy pre, during, and/or post-workout.
    • Any activity that showcases drive/grit is on the table to feature.
  • Outdoor adventure – Bring us with you on:
    • A hike or camping excursion
    • A road trip (e.g., traveling to national parks or other tourist attractions)
    • A mountain biking trek or ski/snowboarding trip
    • An active beach day with friends (volleyball, spike ball, surfing, beach/sand football or frisbee, boat culture)
  • Nightlife - Gearing up for or as an accompaniment to a Rowdy night!
    • A night out/partying on the town
    • Going to see live music, at a concert or festival
    • House party / get-together, including making fun, creative cocktails with Rowdy Energy
  • Other energy need states
    • Working professionals who have to manage the competing demands of a multi-faceted lifestyle (commuting, career, parenting, social life).
    • Anyone with an early or late shift (e.g., working late night at a bar during a wild evening or early shift nurse facing a grueling day)
    • College student(s) balancing different activities, with work (or study) hard, play hard(er) lifestyle and mentality.

Step 2: Submit example(s) of previous content highlighting your unique style and creativity.

Step 3: We want to learn more about YOU. Why do you want to partner with Rowdy Energy?  What about you is compatible with our brand? 

Contest Timeline 

  • 3/24: Contest launch
  • 4/3: Application deadline
  • 4/3-4/10: Application reviews
  • 4/10: Content creators selected (and notified)
  • 4/17: Rowdy Energy product* expected arrival to content creators
  • 5/1: Content submission deadline
  • 5/1-5/8: Content review
  • 5/9: Contest creator winners selected (and notified)
  • 5/15-ongoing: Content live and pulsed outgoing

Product Fulfillment

  • Each selected content creator will receive 2 cases of Rowdy Energy’s newest product line, Power Burn (for content development).

Contest Prizing

  • 3 premier content creator prize winners. Each winner receives the following:
  • $300 cash + 3-month supply of Rowdy Energy products
  • 1 grand prize content creator winner receives the following:
  • $1,200 cash + 6-month supply of Rowdy Energy products
  • All winners will be considered for ongoing paid brand partnership with Rowdy Energy going forward.



For full rules & conditions, click here.