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Monday Night Racing

Rowdy Energy is the proud sponsor of Monday Night Racing. Tune in each Monday Night for some of the best iracing online. Featuring our very own Kyle Busch.

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Why Rowdy Energy?

Comprised of sequenced time-released caffeine, a proprietary blend of sugar reduction ingredients, amazing taste and hydration levels above leading sports drinks, Rowdy Energy is a “better for you” product specifically formulated for your needs to accomplish any challenge thrown your way and to be your most effective self.

Nootropics For Mental Clarity

Rowdy Energy Drinks are full of good-for-you ingredients, Nootropics being one of the most interesting. 

Nootropics are ingredients that can enhance memory and cognitive function. This can translate to improvements focus, attention, and motivation, as well as problem solving, creativity and the ability to retain information. 

Though they may sound novel, Caffeine is a nootropic that many people already consume. L-Theanine is another nootropic ingredient in Rowdy.

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