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Rowdy Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rowdy? 

We like to refer to Rowdy as the 2.0 version of energy drinks. Specifically formulated to help you take charge and be your best self, Rowdy seeks to support those who embody a spirit of high performance in every aspect of life. 

Who owns Rowdy Energy? 

Rowdy Energy is a privately held company with Kyle Busch as the primary owner. There are several minority investors, including beverage entrepreneur Jeff Church. 

Where can I buy Rowdy Energy? 

Please check our store locator app for a retailer near you, or shop our website 24/7 at 

Why did Kyle Busch create an energy drink company? 

Kyle races at 200mph for a living. His desire to go fast and win transcends the racetrack. Kyle and his wife Samantha created Rowdy because they needed a drink that could keep up with their fast-past lifestyle and as a way for his legacy to live on beyond his racing days. 

Why is Rowdy a better alternative to other functional drinks?

Rowdy is loaded with better-for-you ingredients and delivers unique benefits including: 

  • No or reduced sugar 
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup 
  • No Aspartame 
  • No Preservatives 
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors 
  • Vitamin infused 
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free 


What is the source of Rowdy’s caffeine?

A can of Rowdy has 160mg of naturally occurring caffeine. Derived from green tea, we pair our caffeine with the nootropic L-Theanine giving you a powerful lift without the unwanted and irritable crash. 

What is the difference between natural and synthetic caffeine? 

Chemically, they’re the same. The differences are found in how they’re produced. Synthetic caffeine is produced from urea and chloroacetic acid. It’s widely adopted in beverages due to its fast absorption rate and cheap costs. However, the faster your body absorbs it, the faster you crash. Natural caffeine on the other hand, is sourced from naturally occurring plant products and provides a sustained release that prevent jitters and subsequent crash. 

Why doesn’t Rowdy put 300mg of caffeine per serving like other brands? 

Due to our combination of naturally derived caffeine extracted from green tea paired with the nootropic L-Theanine, a can of Rowdy works to eliminate jitters, promote cognitive functions, and increase alertness. This blend of nature’s powerful ingredients is designed to give a comparable sensation of lift to 300mg of caffeine. 


What are electrolytes and what do they do for us? 

We all need electrolytes! They are crucial for the human body to function properly. Electrolytes are chemicals that conduct electricity when mixed with water and serve to regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, and balance blood pressure. The main electrolytes that we get through daily activities like eating and drinking include potassium, sodium, and magnesium. 

Why is hydration so important? 

Drinking fluids is vital for maintaining a healthy body. Fluids effect your heart, brain, and muscles by carrying nutrients to your cells. Staying hydrated is important for thinking clearly and maintaining energy levels. 

What makes Rowdy an awesome source of hydration? 

At Rowdy, we believe that sustained energy starts with staying hydrated. Per ounce, a can of Rowdy contains nearly 12 times as much potassium as the leading traditional sports drink, yet just a fifth the amount of sodium. Rowdy ranks #1 in electrolytes compared to leading energy drink brands and #1 in electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium versus ALL sports drink brands.

Natural Sweeteners 

Why do we use four different natural sweeteners?

By combining the natural sweeteners Allulose, Erythritol, Monk Fruit, and Stevia, we aren’t adding too much of one sweetener. This collective blend helps balance out the extreme sensory profiles that people dislike when consuming them individually. 

What are sugar alcohols? 

Erythritol is classified as a sugar alcohol. Also known as polyols, sugar alcohols are neither sugar nor alcohol. They get their name because part of their chemical structure resembles sugar and the other part resembles alcohol. Most sugar alcohols are found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables and function as low-calorie sweeteners.

Do these sweeteners have any side-effects? 

The only sweetener known to have side-effects is Erythritol. Depending on how your body reacts, sugar alcohols consumed in excessive amounts can lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, and headaches. However, most people can consume Erythritol in excessive amounts without experiencing any side-effects. 

How are these sweeteners digested? 

Erythritol, Allulose, Monk Fruit, and Stevia are not metabolized by the body. Instead, they pass through our digestive system and are excreted through urine in an almost entirely unprocessed state. Due to our bodies inability to break down these sweeteners, they do not create an insulin spike when they enter our blood stream. 

What is Allulose? 

Allulose is a simple sugar, also known as a monosaccharide, because it is made up of a single sugar molecule. It is considered a rare sugar because it is found in small amounts in dried fruits like jackfruit, figs, and raisins. Allulose is about 70% as sweet at sucrose and has approximately 90% fewer calories. It does not raise your blood sugar because it is absorbed into the small intestine and excreted through urine.


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