Basketball Player with a Rowdy Energy Drink, Orange Citrus Flavor

Drink Clean. Live Rowdy.

Let’s talk about Rowdy Energy and break down the defining attributes of Drink Clean. Live Rowdy. 


Is Rowdy Energy drink healthy? YES! Unlike leading brands, we only source ingredients in levels that your body can properly absorb.

Clean to us literally means clean: No chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, or BCAA’s.

An important component of enhanced hydration energy is our blend of natural ingredients. Our proprietary sweetener combination of Allulose, Erythritol, Stevia, and Monk Fruit allow for great taste while keeping the actual sugar low.

We also have zero sugar options that are the first Keto approved performance energy drink with over 800mg of “free potassium”.

What does this all mean? It tastes good because our ingredients are good. A low sugar can of Rowdy delivers 60% less sugar than leading brands, leaving you the flavors you love with none of the junk or aftertaste. 


Not all caffeine is created equal!

The majority of energy drinks today have adopted the use of synthetic caffeine. While synthetic caffeine is nearly indistinguishable to natural caffeine on a molecular level, it is made with unhealthy chemical ingredients resulting in a quicker and harder crash.

That’s why we use caffeine naturally derived from green tea. We pair it with the friendly nootrorpic L-Theanine, which works to eliminate jitters, promote cognitive functions, and increase focus. This combination of nature’s powerful ingredients is designed to give a comparable sensation of “lift” to 300mg of caffeine.


Boosted with electrolytes.

Rowdy ranks #1 in electrolytes compared to leading energy drink brands and #1 in electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium versus ALL sports drink brands.

Per ounce, our drinks contain nearly 12 times as much potassium as the leading traditional sports drink, yet just a fifth the amount of sodium.

This means that we provide you with right number of key electrolytes per serving without the excess sugar and sodium. 

Rowdy’s enhanced hydration energy transcends the typical energy drink, paving a new path for the industry. No longer will you have to sacrifice the taste you love for the boost you need. #DrinkCleanLiveRowdy and see for yourself how we are truly changing the market for the better.

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